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We are happy to serve Smith Falls residents

Creekside Greens is a cannabis store and weed shop found in Kemptville, Ontario. We have a wide range of cannabis products including an assortment of flowers, pre-rolls, oils, vaporizers, topicals, and tasty edibles. Creekside Green is your local pot shop in Smith Falls and has everything you need.

Creekside Greens has a strong commitment to offering customers high-quality cannabis products and information and to professional service. Our experts disseminate quality information through the major channels.

Creekside Green was created to serve people who love weed and want to buy, smoke, and talk about weed in a casual and safe environment. Creekside is built by weed lovers for weed lovers.

Our knowledgeable budtenders love to help our clients in Smith Falls.

Our Budtenders love to help clients from Smith Falls

Our budtenders will help all clients, both new and old, in navigating the world of recreational cannabis use. Their extensive knowledge of all our products will ensure that you receive all the necessary guidance in enjoying the cannabis experience. You can learn and enjoy everything bongs, pipes, vaporizers, and the majestic marijuana plant.

Want to try edibles?

Check us out at Creekside Green for edibles including gummies, THC chocolates, soft chews, and delicious beverages. Try our CBD edibles if you don’t want to get baked. Our budtenders are ready to help our clients in Smith Falls made an informed decision.

At Creekside Greens

Visit Creekside Greens and start rolling. We welcome all clients to our Smith Fall to our online store or physical store at Kemptville.