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Is Cannabis legal in Canada?v

Yes, since October 17, 2018, cannabis has been legal and available for recreational use.

What cannabis products are legal in Canada?

Currently, Canada regulations only allow the sale of dried cannabis flowers in the recreational market. Medically there are cannabis extract soft gels, and edible oils. As of December 2019, new products are available such as edibles, beverages, extracts and vape pens.

Can I use recreational cannabis for medical purposes?

Yes, Just like with alcohol or tobacco sales, All Canadian citizens are subject to photo identification requests while purchasing cannabis for the sake of age validation.

How much product can I order at one time?

Staying in line with possession laws under the Cannabis Act, a guest of the legal age of consumption may purchase up to 30g equivalent of dried flower in one transaction (learn more about how Health Canada defines cannabis equivalency for non-flower forms here). That’s enough, right? If you are purchasing oil or capsules, the equivalence is automatically calculated by our system so you’ll never purchase more than what’s legal. We got you covered- see our available cannabis offerings here.

How do I purchase cannabis?

It all depends on where you live! Province to province there will be differing regulations about cannabis purchasing; whether through private retailers, province-specific government platforms, online or in-person.

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