Cannabis General Info


Do I need a prescription?

To gain access to medical cannabis, you will be required to get a prescription provided by a registered medical professional.

How to get medical cannabis?

Go to your doctor or nurse practitioner to discuss your options regarding medicinal cannabis Once approved, seek out a Medical Licensed Producer, such as Canopy Growths Medical LP – Spectrum Therapeutics. You will be required to complete a registration process, and once complete, you will have access to medicinal cannabis products that can be purchased online and delivered to your home.

Can I use recreational cannabis for medical purposes?

Yes, as the cultivars used for medical purposes are also available in a variety of recreational forms as well. If a consumer feels they would benefit from medical cannabis, it is recommended to speak with their doctor or healthcare professional to better assist them. This does not, however, mean that recreational users can’t purchase the same cultivars simply because they prefer the effects. There is no difference in regulations around the cultivation of medical and recreational, it’s all cannabis.

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